These Are the Richest People From Westchester

These Westchester natives and residents have made this year’s Forbes 400 list!


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What would you do with a million dollars? Life-changing as that would be, it still wouldn’t put you anywhere near the Forbes 400, the business and finance magazine’s annual list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. (You’d miss the bottom slot by about $2,099,000,000. Yes, six zeroes at the end.) Despite this, some Westchester locals not only made the list, but are topping it.

Who’s swimming in it? Let’s take a look:

#4 – Mark Zuckerberg – Yes, the Facebook mega-mogul is a native of Westchester — born in White Plains and raised in Dobbs Ferry. Bet you don’t remember that from The Social Network. Net worth: $61 billion.

#10 – Michael Bloomberg – The 76 year old business tycoon and for NYC Mayor has twelve homes, three of them in Westchester (two in North Salem and one in Armonk). Net worth: $51.8 billion.

#60 – George Soros – The politically active 88-year old hedge fund magnate lives in Katonah. Net worth: $8.3 billion.

#71 – Ralph Lauren – The world famous designer, now 78, has a house in Bedford. Net worth: $7 billion.

#85 – Dr. David Shaw – A former professor of computer science at Columbia University, Shaw maintains a home in Hastings-on-Hudson. Net worth: $6.3 billion.

#118 – David Siegel – Co-founder of an investments firm, the Bronx-born Siegel resides in Scarsdale. Net worth: $5.5 billion.

#259 – Daniel Och – Founder, chairman, and former CEO of hedge fund group Och-Ziff Capital Management, Och is a Scarsdale resident. Net worth: $3.1 billion (tied with Donald Trump and nine others, FYI).

#302 – Thomas Secunda – This Bloomberg LP co-founder lives in Croton-on-Hudson. Net worth: $2.7 billion.

#344 – David “Sandy” Gottesman – The 92-year old is a Harvard Business School grad bought into Berkshire Hathaway early. He lives in Rye. Net worth: $2.4 billion.




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