New York's Business Climate Examined In Cuomo Administration Report

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office releases a report detailing more than 200 administrative and regulatory reforms that have helped to advance the State’s business climate.


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Does New York State have a friendlier business climate today? According to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the answer is yes. Cuomo, who took office in 2011 amid what he called “a hostile business climate that made it hard to grow a business and create jobs,” yesterday announced that more than 200 administrative and regulatory reforms have been advanced since 2011 to help New York State businesses increase revenue, expand operations, and become industry leaders.

Cuomo touted the more than 25 State agencies that have implemented administrative and regulatory reforms to remove barriers that have historically prevented businesses from reaching their full potential. Examples include:

Department of Environmental Conservation: Amended regulations to allow New York bay scallop fisherman to compete with Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Department of Labor: Issued regulations to implement statutory mandates to detect unemployment insurance fraud and abuse.

Department of Taxation and Finance: Amended e-filing requirement to allow businesses with limited or no online access to submit claims via USPS or fax.

Empire State Development: Streamlined and shortened public procurement processes for businesses.

According to Cuomo’s statement, state agencies developed and implemented these business reforms through a community-driven approach that included recommendations and feedback from external stakeholders such as business owners, business advocacy organizations, private sector unions, and local municipalities.

As a result of these changes, Cuomo claims that, “Today it is cheaper and easier to do business in New York State than ever before. I am proud of the progress that has been made over the past four years, because the Empire State is once again open for business.”

Marsha Gordon, President and CEO of The Business Council of Westchester, said that the governor should be praised for helping businesses succeed.

“Governor Cuomo should be applauded for listening to the concerns of the business community and addressing them head on,” Gordon said. “For years, we have heard from our members about the regulatory and administrative burdens of doing business in New York. As reflected in this report, New York State is removing barriers for businesses to succeed in this State.”

A new publication that showcases the wide range of reforms that may help businesses succeed in the marketplace can be viewed here.



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