Three Westchester Execs Nab Spot On “Most Connected” New Yorkers List

Crain's New York Business just released its list of the top 200 “most-connected” businesspeople in New York. Three locals made the cut.


Pepsi Chairwoman and CEO Indra Nooyi

Andy Mettler, World Economic Forum / Wikimedia Commons

As the CEOs of three of Westchester’s largest companies (PepsiCo, MasterCard and IBM, respectively), Indra K Nooyi, Ajaypal Banga, and Virginia Rommety are certainly at the top of the corporate food chain here in the county. Now all three are also at the top of another powerful network: the list of the 200 “most-connected” business executives in New York.

The inaugural list, from Crain's New York Business and New York City tech firm Relationship Science, was just released, and examined five main factors used to rank the “connected-ness” of each honoree: reach (the size of a person’s network, measured by first-degree and second-degree connections); reliability (the quality of a person's relationships—ie the likelihood that one could actually connect with others); influence (measures the number of links to the most-powerful people), access (measures links to highly connected organizations; these are the influencers who can deliver results); and centrality (measures a person’s ability to connect two unconnected people).

Virginia Rometty

Asa Mathat, Fortune Live Media / Wikimedia Commons

Here is how our hometown head-honchos ranked:

# 32: Indra K Nooyi, Chairwoman and CEO, PepsiCo Inc. (pictured above)
Reach: 71
Reliability: 16
Influence: 27
Access: 26
Centrality: 83

#84: Ajaypal S. Banga, MasterCard Inc.
Reach: 17
Reliability: 147
Influence: 48
Access: 70
Centrality: 173

#127: Virginia Rometty, IBM Corp.
Reach: 25
Reliability: 180
Influence: 91
Access: 119
Centrality: 189



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