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Armonk-based Autonomic offers a better way to enjoy music

Wish you could walk through your home, listening to Pandora in one room and your favorite Spotify channel in another? That wish is a reality now, with Autonomic’s line of home-audio systems capable of simultaneously streaming music from numerous online music sites to almost 100 different areas within a house. Founded by local entrepreneurs Michael de Nigris and Michael Toscano, the Armonk-based company is expanding the capabilities of home audio.   

CEO de Nigris sees Autonomic as the next step in premium home audio. “The system’s audio quality is superior to anything you can buy in a consumer store, as is its ability to interface with home-automation systems and digital content,” he says. “The music can follow you wherever you go.”

Here is a rundown of everything you need to know about Autonomic:

What it is: A unique line of music players and amplifiers that provide premium sound throughout the home from physical and digital music sources such as Pandora, Spotify, Sirius XM, and iTunes.

How it works: It is a complete, standalone system consisting of a media server and a digital amplifier in conjunction with speakers. The system can be controlled with anything from an iPad or in-wall keypad to a smart phone.

Why it rocks: Physical media, such as CDs, can be combined with digital audio to follow you wherever you go, begin at a certain time, or play separate songs in different rooms throughout the home. A single system can handle up to five separate audio streams distributed into as many as 96 different zones. 

Who installs it: Autonomic dealers provide professional installation of all products, including speakers if required.

Where to buy it: Contact Osbee Industries in Harrison at (914) 777-6611 or Entertainment Technology Inc. in Mount Kisco at (914) 242-8881 for a quote. For a list of national sales representatives, visit:

What it Costs: Complete systems, including speakers as well as installation, begin at $500 per room. 



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