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relive the thrill of instant photography
For all its filmless advantages, no affordable digital camera has produced fun, effortless prints like old-school Polaroid cameras—until now. Polaroid’s Z2300 instant digital camera (with 10-megapixel image sensor) uses new ZINK® multi-layer color print technology to produce vibrant, passport-photo-sized prints in seconds. Available from, $159.99 (print paper: 30 for $14.99).

snooze better thanks to slumber app for iphone
A refreshing night’s sleep often depends on when you wake—you emerge most rested from the lightest sleep. Using the motion-detecting abilities of an iPhone placed overnight on your mattress, the Sleep Cycle 3.0 app monitors body movements indicating sleep levels, triggering an alarm at optimum times within a 30-minute window. Available from the iTunes store, $0.99.

feed the ears of the cat who has everything
It would be hard to find a more exclusive indulgence for your favorite feline than a pair of the world's first headphones for cats, from start-up firm Sol Republic. They're a scaled-down version of headphones worn by swim star Michael Phelps during the London Olympics. One of a limited edition of cat "cans," originally designed for electro-dance DJ deadmau5's tuxedo Professor Meowingtons (seen here),  can be had for $999 (all proceeds  benefit the ASPCA). Available from

experience the smartphone apple doesn’t want you to
Apple rattled the technosphere this summer with a federal court injunction barring US sales of rival Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, developed with Google. A tweak of Google’s latest Android software, called Jelly Bean, freed this sweet iPhone challenger from patent-dispute hell. Care to see for yourself what the fuss was about? Available from, $349.

strap on adventure with gps-and-more watch  
Outdoor enthusiasts’ off-trail roaming just got more secure with fenix, the first wristwatch GPS navigator and ABC (altimeter, barometer, and compass) sensor from satellite-navigation pros Garmin. Now hikers, hunters, and mountaineers can plan, map, and accurately track forays into the wild with this rugged, lightweight digital sherpa. Available at REI at Ridge Hill, $399.99.

go wireless with zen keyboard-and-mouse
In ancient Chinese Feng Shui tradition, bamboo wood symbolized growth and prosperity. On your desk these days, it declares that you won’t settle for drab, office-issue hardware. Impecca’s hand-carved bamboo keys, case, and roller rodent (with proven 2.4-GHz WiFi innards) let you cut the cord to any PC with style. Available from, $99.95.

listen to super bass on beats-enhanced laptop
Tired of hearing tinny droning from that business/entertainment PC carry-with? HP’s ENVY Sleekbook is meant to deliver lush sound, with an added subwoofer speaker for rumbling bass, and the latest software from the audio-centric Beats electronics brand for accurate reproduction of all notes, low to high. Looks dope, too.
Available at Best Buy, $899.99.

catch a rock-star audio recorder’s comeback   
It’s rare that legendary gear returns from electronics’ marketing graveyard for a second chance to shine. Olympus’ LS-10 (2008-2011, RIP) has just been brought back by popular demand—mostly from musicians who idolize the pocket-sized, pro-quality digital stereo recorder/mixing studio. Redubbed LS-10S, this stellar performer is available again at Guitar Center at Ridge Hill, $199.99.




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