How Port Chester Company MiMedia, LLC, Compares to Other Cloud-Based Data Storage Services

Get your head out of the clouds—and put your company’s precious data there instead.

By now, you've probably noticed the rush to store everything on your computer “in the cloud.” For the uninitiated, cloud computing involves parking your company’s computer files in a remote data center (as opposed to your local hard drives or a server) where they are securely stored, backed up, and instantly accessible and syncable via the Internet from any computer or mobile device. Cloud storage is a compelling option for smaller businesses that lack the resources for an IT department or the technical savvy to build and maintain a network and server themselves.

The cloud trend is so hot that it’s even come to Westchester—MiMedia, LLC, based in Port Chester, is one of the many contenders in this growing field. So how do they stack up?

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