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Building a Better Mouse
This Dutch, hand-crafted, titanium (!) mouse with a neodymium scroll wheel is a work of art—and a durable one at that. In black or white. 399 euros (approx. $540)

Keyed Up
Made of silicone, this bendable, washable, dust-proof, waterproof, illluminated keyboard from Modtek is virtually indestructible; roll it up and take it with you. Connects via USB or PS2 port. $27.99

Thumbs Up!
Give your office documents a Facebook-style approval (or disapproval) with this pair of self-inking rubber stamps. (If only you could un-friend some of your coworkers as easily!) $12.99

Sit and Be Fit
The GymyGym combines sports equipment and office furniture for the ultimate in form, function—and multitasking! The GymyGym chair features four patented, integrated exercise stations, which allow you to exercise and strengthen all of the body’s major muscle groups. Available in black on black, black on red, and orange on black. $599 + free shipping.

Drive Time
The FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-portable Drive from Seagate is an upgradable, portable hard drive that makes it easy for you to store, back up, encrypt, and access your files anytime, anywhere. Features USB 2.0, USB 3.0, or FireWire 800 plug-and-play connectivity, and allows you to access content on your TV, network, and on the go. $79.99 and up, depending on size (from 320 GB to 1.5 TB).

Beware of (Desk) Dog
Defend your desk and give unwanted visitors a shock with this motion-activated guard, which growls menacingly at anyone who gets too close. His bark is just as bad as his bite! Operates on either USB or battery power. $79

Keeping You in the Dark
The DulCo Compushade Laptop Visor protects your laptop’s screen from the glare of the sun and icky overhead fluorescent lighting. Lightweight, portable (folds flat against your laptop’s case when not in use), and easy-to-attach, the visor adjusts to fit laptops from 8¾” to 16 ¼” wide. $27.95

Eco-Friendly Fastener
This Made by Humans brand, staple-free stapler cuts a tiny strip from the papers you wish to fasten and uses it to stitch them together. No staples to buy, replace, or remove—ever. Fastens up to five pages. $8.39




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