The Most Impressive Questions To Ask During A Job Interview

We asked local hiring managers what awed them the most—these are their responses.

Question: How would the culture at Morgan Stanley appeal to my generation?

Why It Impressed: “The interviewee was considering not just the financial benefits [of the position] but also her work-life satisfaction, a trait that our recent millennial survey acknowledged.” 

–Kevin Peters, managing director and financial adviser, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management 

Question: How do Global Procurement and Research & Development interact regarding new flavors?

Why It Impressed: “This is a good question because it’s very specific, asking about collaboration between two different functional teams.” 

–Jeff Cahn, senior director, Talent Acquisition, PepsiCo

Question: If you could change anything about PepsiCo what would it be? 

Why It Impressed: “Depending on the answer, a candidate might see through whether you are truly being transparent or dancing around a truthful response.” 

–Jeff Cahn

Question: Anything that’s not generic.

Why It Impressed: “Asking generic questions is not the best approach. What impresses me most is not necessarily a question, but the wrap up—paraphrasing key aspects of the role, the problem to be solved or goal to be achieved, and what he or she would do to deliver. Demonstrating active listening and showing genuine enthusiasm is key.”

–David Crawford, vice president, Global Talent Acquisition, MasterCard



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