Lindsay Tanne, 25

Co-Owner, LogicPrep and NY College Coaches


Who better to help students get into college than “a consummate nerd” who was accepted by Harvard, Yale, and Princeton? Since LogicPrep’s founding in 2007 Harvard grad Lindsay Tanne (the school’s “intellectual energy” won her over, she says) and her staff of 25 have helped more than 1,000 students navigate the college application process and achieve admission to some of the most elite universities in the country. (Tanne joined as a tutor in high school; she helped launch NY College Coaches in 2007 and is now co-owner of both companies.) Tanne’s days are a mix of strategic planning (goals include opening another office in Westchester and building an international client base) and sessions with students and families (tutoring for SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, TOEFL, and Advanced Placement exams plus brainstorming essays and coaching for college interviews). “I love guiding students on this journey and helping them tell their stories,” Tanne says.


• Tanne is now married to Jesse Kolber, LogicPrep’s original founder. Says Tanne: “It was an office romance. We fell in love while brainstorming college essay topics with students!”

• Favorite SAT word: loquacious

• Tanne is currently earning a master’s in education at the Teachers College at Columbia University.

• Why the obsession with college? “Every decision we make can affect future outcomes, and there are few decisions that will have as much of an impact on where you will live, where you will work, and even who you will marry, as where you choose to go to college.”

• Tanne helped develop the LogicPrep Scholarship Program. Each year, LogicPrep takes on five students from Westchester who demonstrate financial need, and guide them through the entirety of the standardized test preparation process.


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