Alexa D'Agostino, 25

Executive Director of Marketing, Mercy College


Here’s a winning combo in today’s digital world: a marketing executive with a computer programming background. By executive, we mean 25-year-old Alexa D’Agostino, Mercy College’s executive director of marketing. According to Mercy’s Chief Advancement Officer Bernadette Wade, D’Agostino is using data analytics to “readjust advertising placements, target potential recruits in new ways, and create messaging that potential students find relevant.” Why, at 25, is she qualified to do this? Education, for one. On top of her undergraduate degree from Pace University in information systems and business, she has an MS in cyber security and an MBA in management—both from Mercy. Hard work, for another. “I went from managing the college’s website and digital marketing initiatives to running the entire marketing department,” D’Agostino says. And how, exactly, did she do that? Using data to drive results. “Data, data, data,” she says. “Everything I do, I support it with data analysis and metrics.” 


• Data isn’t the only thing D’Agostino credits for her success: “I also make sure to take advantage of the great mentors around me. I have been fortunate to surround myself in every job that I have had with a great mentor who has taken me under his or her wing. I am forever grateful.”

• In her free time, D’Agostino blogs for Business 2 Community and Digital Doughnut. She has also written for the Journal News. She’s also a girls’ soccer coach at FC Westchester.

• D’Agostino previously sold her marketing business to a top area company.


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