Westchester's 100-Year-Old Businesses

It takes a lot of patience, perseverance and business smarts to stick around for 100-plus years. No matter the challenges, these Westchester bakeries, educational institutions, stores and more have weathered the storm better than the rest.’

Whether large or small, businesses need so many qualities to be successful. For a business to succeed in Westchester for 10 years or even 20 is quite an impressive accomplishment. So those with staying power on the order of a century must surely be doing something right.

Here, we present eight businesses that have enriched our lives in Westchester for a century or more. When they first opened their doors, cars were fairly new. Not everyone had electricity. Men wore suits and women wore long dresses, although few women were found in the workplace.

While times have changed, these fine businesses have endured. Here are their stories.

1910: Neri’s Bakery
Products, Inc.

1893: White Plains Hospital

1911: IBM

1913: Westchester
Hills Golf Club

1904: The College
of New Rochelle

Early 1800's: Cornell’s
True Value Hardware

1887: Kelloggs
& Lawrence

1905: Wilson
& Son Jewelers

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