Westchester's 100-Year-Old Businesses: White Plains Hospital, White Plains

As the hospital approaches its 120th anniversary, a major campus transformation is in the works for the White Plains institution.

The hospital was originally a four-room building founded in 1893 on Chatterton Hill. We were actually founded before the City of White Plains, although it existed as a village. The hospital was founded by a group of 22 women and three men who came together to create a “hospital adequate for the needs of the community.” The first year the hospital was open it treated 31 patients. To put that in perspective, in 2012, we cared for more than 170,000 patients.
In 1907, we moved into a brand-new red brick building facing East Post Road. That was demolished in 1940, but it is still part of the hospital property, about where our emergency room is now. We added a new wing in 1924 and got to a bed capacity of 100. Today, we’re at 292.
This year, we’re excited to celebrate our 120th anniversary. We are planning a major campus transformation. The first phase of that is enhancing our outpatient radiology suite and redoing our surgical surfaces. So as we look back, we’re also looking ahead to continuing to position the hospital strongly for the next 120 years.

—Dawn French
Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations, White Plains Hospital


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