Westchester's 100-Year-Old Businesses: IBM, Armonk

Since 1911, IBM has led the way in tech innovation and shows no signs of slowing down.

As IBM’s corporate archivist, I’m often asked how IBM became one of the world’s most successful, most admired companies.
The key is that IBM has always recognized that it could make the world a better place through innovation. Over the last century, since it was founded in 1911, IBM has run the gamut—from rolling out Social Security to inventing the first hard disk drive to inventing aspects of daily life like UPC barcodes, magnetic stripe technology, and the chips in mobile phones.
And based on recent milestones like Watson, I have no doubt that IBM will continue to make the world work better over its next 100 years.

—Paul C. Lasewicz
Corporate Archivist, IBM

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