Inside the Irvington Office of TimeLine Video's Diane Cricchio

The creative suite inside the loft-style building features painting, travel artifacts and other cool accents that give her office an art-gallery vibe

With an office in the hip One Bridge Street loft-style building in Irvington (adjacent to the Eileen Fisher Lab Store and restaurants like Red Hat on the River), Diane Cricchio’s TimeLine Video didn’t need much to have a cool but laid-back artistic vibe. Still, Cricchio’s paintings, her myriad travel artifacts, and her collaborative working style with partners Sean La Gamma and Adam Stroncone give TimeLine an art gallery feel. The firm, which Cricchio founded as a one-room operation in 1994 with a video editing machine that “was so pixelated that you couldn’t tell if somebody’s mouth was open or closed,” specializes in pre- and post-production of internal corporate videos and hundreds of television commercials per year, including recent holiday spots for Sears Craftsman. Here, Cricchio takes us inside her expanded creative suite.

For details about this space, click around in the gallery below!

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