Con Edison’s Small Business Direct Installation Program Can Save Businesses 30 Percent on Electric Bills

What’s better than that? Maybe the fact that business that opt for the energy audit and installation need only pay 30 percent of the cost of the upgrade.

There’s nothing better for businesses than saving green. And there’s no better way of saving it than going green. Con Edison’s Small Business Direct Installation Program (SBDI) can help you do just that. How does the program work? According to Paul Lippolis, green project manager at Pelham-based Lippolis Electric, Inc., one of only three contractors in the County involved in the program, a participating contractor comes to your business and performs a free energy survey to determine whether or not your lighting is efficient. If it’s not, the contractor can completely replace your business’s lighting with flourescent bulbs that use almost half the wattage of regular bulbs (for example, 28 watts versus 40 watts for a four-foot bulb). The contractor can also install electronic ballasts, devices that can further reduce the wattages those bulbs use. And that small change can lead to more change in your business’ pocket. On average, businesses save about 30 percent on their electric bill, according to Lippolis. Even better: Businesses that upgrade through the SBDI are only on the hook for 30 percent of the cost of the upgrade; Con Ed will pay the other 70 percent. That translates to a return on investment in about six months to a year on average, says Lippolis.

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