Best Gins in 2013: Comb 9 Gin

Iron Horse Grill bartender Vinnie Vigliotti prefers Comb 9 for its hint of honeycomb sweetness that shines in the restaurant’s #9 Martini.

Vinnie Vigliotti
Bartender, Iron Horse Grill
Favorite Gin: Comb 9 Gin
Why: “It’s a smooth gin, not overly rough or assertive, with a hint of sweetness from the honeycomb base used in its distillation. The other ingredients, especially the exotic flavor and golden color of the saffron and chartreuse, meld together in a truly unique and drinkable way.”
Buy for Home: $31.25, 750 ml; Wine Bazaar, 2425 Palmer Ave, New Rochelle (914) 712-0260
Enjoy at Restaurant: #9 Martini, a mixture of Comb 9 Gin, yellow chartreuse, Grand Marnier, saffron, and a dash of local honey from the Pleasantville Green Market.
Drink Up: $12.50; 20 Wheeler Ave, Pleasantville (914) 741-0717;

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