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Twin Connection
This USB device provides an extra level of security unmatched by any software. With it, users can share, edit, and sync files over the Internet between any two computers without risk of security breach or hacking. The data from one computer can be accessed only if you have the physically matching iTwin device and the correct password. If one of the devices becomes lost or is stolen, it can be immediately disabled remotely by using an emergency disable code. Available online and at retailers including Best Buy and Staples.

Watch Yourself
Because having a smartphone, tablet, and laptop isn’t enough, this technology literally has you by the wrist. Billed as the world’s first "smartwatch," the i’m Watch features a touchscreen for its face, and allows you to link your smartphone, email, and even download apps to it, so you’re always connected, all the time.

Building a Better Mouse
This tiny box is a really cool, wireless, USB-rechargeable mouse (just swipe your finger across its smooth surface to scroll on a web page, or press to click—no buttons!), but, when held in the air, it instantly becomes a remote control to run your PowerPoint, slide, or other multimedia presentation on whatever device you’ve connected to its companion wireless receiver.

Case Closed
The Booqpad is the world’s first case to combine an iPad 2 with a real notepad. In addition to the paper notepad, the case easily stores pens, business cards, even money. Designed symmetrically for use by both right- and left-handed users. Comes in five color combos: white/berry, sand/plum, gray/green, coffee/cream, and black/gray.
$50; $10 for 3-pack notepad refill;

Lost and Found
Those who are chronically misplacing their keys and their cell phone can now find one with the other, thanks to the Bluetooth-powered Cobra Tag G5 system. The electronic key fob attaches to your keychain and sets off an alert on your Android or Blackberry smartphone if your keys and phone become separated by more than 30 feet. If you lose your phone, press a button on the fob and your phone will ring. If you lose your keys, the Cobra app on your phone will help locate them.

It’s in the Bag
We’ve all been there: you pull your laptop out of your bag to catch up on some work or emails, open it up, and the battery is dead. Well, the Powerbag charges your phone, computer, even your tablet while on the go. Just charge the bag before you head out and you’ll have enough power to charge up to four devices at once.

Skinny Screen
Touted as one of the world’s slimmest, greenest display panels, the AOC Aire Black LED monitor is only 12.7 mm thick but offers an impressive 50 million-to-one dynamic contrast ratio, 5ms response time, and an HDCP input for true HD displays. The AOC consumes only 15 watts of energy while in use. Available in three sizes online or at retailers including Best Buy, RadioShack, and OfficeMax.
$129 (20”), $149 (22”), or $179 (23”);

Testing 1, 2, 3
Need to record a meeting, interview, or conference on the fly? This handy, compact directional microphone by Samson easily connects to any available USB port with plug-and-play compatibility for both Mac and PC, and offers professional-quality recordings.




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