Confection Perfection

Delectable workplace delights from some of Westchester’s top candy shops

Stir Crazy

Sweeets, Larchmont 

Swirl your afternoon coffee in style with these elegant sugar-crystal rods dipped partially or completely in either edible sterling silver or 24K gold. 



Southern Comfort

Sweeets, Larchmont

The eponymous Modjeska made their debut in Louisville, KY, during the 1800s to honor a visiting Shakespearean actress. Today, these handmade marshmallows enrobed in caramel are a fitting tribute to any coworker. 

$1 ea.;


Sushi Surprise

Candy Rox, Rye

This 22-piece candy sushi boat will be the envy of your office mates. It features homemade Rice Krispies treats surrounded by and filled with a wealth of candy, including sour belts and gummy worms. The cunning candies are served alongside chocolate sauce and wasabi-colored frosting. 





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