The It List: 50 Names You Need To Know To Do Business In Westchester

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If business success is more about who you know than what you know, look no further. Whether you want to secure business funding, land a big contract, negotiate tricky legal concerns, gain PR assistance or just learn to schmooze like a pro, these are the folks you need in your network.


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Rob Astorino
Marsha Gordon
Rick Rakow
Janet Langsam
William M. Mooney Jr.
William M. Mooney III
John Tolomer
Tom Roach
Ellen Lynch
Noam Bramson
Ruth Mahoney
Geoff Thompson, Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson, and Dean Bender
John Ravitz
Natasha Caputo
Kimberlie Jacobs
Mike Dardano
Larry Gottlieb
Peter Kelly
Andrea Stewart-Cousins
Anthony Justic
Jamie Imperati
Martin Ginsburg
Kevin Plunkett
Mike Spano
Anne Janiak
Dan Conte
Fannie Aleman
Robert W. Amler
Deborah L. Milone
Robert O. Sanders Jr.
William P. Harrington
Ross Pepe
Cynthia Rubino
Adam Stark
Robin Douglas
Stacey Cohen
Peter Herrero
Robert P. Weisz
Jon A. Dorf & Jonathan Nelson
Eridania Camacho
Jean Marie Connolly
Louis R. Cappelli
Ken Jenkins
Carolyn Mandelker
Natasha Roukos
Joseph Cotter
Chris O'Callaghan

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