Warm Up with Cedar Street Grill’s Spiced Cider

Spicy, sweet and capable of banishing the worst of winter chills, this familiar winter treat can be enjoyed straight up or on the rocks.

Doug Schneider Photography

Spiced Cider   
Cedar Street Grill
(one serving)
■  3 oz apple cider
■  1 ½ oz dark rum
■ Splash of sour mix
■  1 tsp honey
■  1 slice of lime
■  1 slice Honeycrisp apple (for garnish)
■  1 pinch grated nutmeg
■  1 tsp grated cinnamon
■  1 Tbsp brown sugar
“This is a great way to warm up in winter. It’s also our way to utilize seasonal ingredients,” says co-owner Joe Kay.
Combine rum, cider, honey, and sour mix into a shaker with ice. Mix together the nutmeg, cinnamon, and sugar on a plate. Rim the glass with the lime, then dip the rim of the glass in the spice mix. Pour drink either straight up or on the rocks and garnish with a slice of apple.
Bottoms Up: 23 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry (914) 674-0706; cedarstreetgrillny.com



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