Pomegranate Steals the Show with the Pom Potion at Purdy’s Farmer & the Fish

Speckled with fresh pomegranate seeds, this dry sparkling concoction cleanses the palate.

Purdy’s Pom Potion
Purdy’s Farmer & the Fish
(one serving)
■  4 oz Prosecco
■ ¾ oz Campari
■  Splash of pomegranate juice
■  Pomegranate seeds
Mix all ingredients and shake. Garnish with pomegranate seeds. Serve in a Champagne flute.
“This apéritif is dry, light, and sparkling, which is refreshing and cleanses the palate,” says bartender Danielle Gadoci.
Bottoms Up: 100 Titicus Rd, North Salem   (914) 617-8380; farmerandthefish.com



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