Business Insights for Entrepreneurs from Westchester Experts

Looking to start your own business or update that dormant LinkedIn account? Local business leaders lend their advice on a variety of business-related topics.

Serendipity Labs’ New Rye Location
Offers a Shared-Workplace Environment
President and CEO of Yonkers Industrial
Development Agency’s Melvina Carter
Helps Spur Economic Growth
Yorktown Heights Human Resources
Expert  Lisa J. Stamatelos’ Advice for
Navigating a New Office
How To Maximize Your LinkedIn
Profile and Get Noticed
Turning to Crowdsourcing As a Viable
Source of Start-Up Money
How To Get Your Resume Noticed
How to Pack and Travel for
a Stress-Free Trip
Peekskill-Based The Arcanna Marketing
Group Designs Highly Recognizable Logos




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