Westchester Business Leaders on Surviving the Recession

Lorraine Laken
Hammond Museum, North Salem
"We ran a Groupon offer online and were pleasantly surprised by the good response. New attendees, some of whom became members, came from around the county, New York City, as well as further out in the tri-state area.”

Bridget Krowe
Limited Unlimited Jewelers, Mount Kisco
“We’ve been able to be competitive by offering personalized service—especially searching for very specific items that our customers want. Someone can walk in and describe a piece they want, and then, if we can’t find it for them ready-made in the wholesale market, we have the ability to create jewelry from scratch, both in the store and through our suppliers. It’s been that, and doing our best to offer the best price possible—which we’re emphasizing to an even greater degree in these trying times—that’s allowed us to survive and thrive in these difficult economic times. To quote a well-worn phrase: ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’”

Lynn Puro
March Boutique, Briarcliff Manor
“I’ve expanded from a totally bricks-and-mortar business to online selling around the country, through the store’s website. And I’ve had to learn a ton about social media. I use e-mail, a blog, Twitter, Facebook, you name it! And I’m still learning. In fact, I’ve hired a social media consulting firm.”

Nick Livanos
Moderne Barn, Armonk
“We thrive despite the difficult economy because of our diverse menus, which allow our customers to visit the restaurant for many different reasons—including business lunches, family brunches, special events, and romantic evenings out.”




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