Power Points

A local CEO's powwow with the Prez; PepsiCo's effervescent employee perks; old businesses flourishing under new owners; the worst mistakes women can make in a job interview; who county business pros are following on Twitter—and more.

Capturing the Holiday Spirit

CEO Fred Schwam of Mount Vernon-based American Christmas oversees the creation of epic holiday displays.
By Joe Cesarano                                                                                               

A Passage to India

A local CEO talks shop with another “CEO”—the president.
By Robert Schork                                                                                              


Boardroom Brilliance

Pearls of corporate wisdom from business sages
Compiled by Philip Garrity                                                                               



Business Books You Should Read
By Phillip Garrity                                                                                             


Trading Spaces

A downsized TV exec and his wife now help others downsize their homes.
By Robert Schork                                                                                              


Did You Know?                                                         


Perks & Bennies

By Robert Schork                                                                                              


The Seven Deadly Sins

Executive placement expert Heidi Rustin details the worst mistakes women make on job interviews.
By Joe Cesarano                                                                                               


We asked several business professionals who they follow on Twitter—and why.
By Scott Simone                                                                                               

How to Ask for a Raise

By Carol Caffin                                                                                                

Same Business—New Owner

Four business owners reveal what it takes to purchase an existing enterprise and bring it to new heights.
By Amy Roach Partridge                                                                                  


Returned to the Rightful Owners

French restaurant Buffet de la Gare is back in the loving hands of its original proprietors.
By Amy Roach Partridge                                                                                   

Unconventional Wisdom

Financial manager Ian Yankwitt takes the road less traveled in a challenging economy.                                                                                                        


Coffee Break with Bobbie Gottlieb

Founder and CEO of Two’s Company, Inc.
By Nancy L. Claus                                                                                             

Safe Keeping

Port Chester’s MiMedia pioneers user-friendly, Netflix-style remote data storage and backup service.
By Robert Schork                                                                                              

Fighting for Fairness

Mount Vernon resident Robin Douglas is a connected and engaged advocate for local African American businesses.
By John Bruno Turiano                                                                                    


Got Apps?

Business owners’ favorite work-related smartphone apps.
By Joe Cesarano                                                                                               





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