Power Points

Surprising tax tips; one local employer’s great company perks; expert (and free!) help to start your own business; affordable options to back up your data; our county’s greenest new building; professional 180s; self-destructing emails—and more.

Tax Write-Offs You May Not Know About

Save on your taxes—hire your kid, replace your old office copier, or take your staff out for brunch.

—Robert Schork

Gentlemen, Start Your Businesses

New business helps…new business.                                                          

—Jonathan Quartuccio

PERKS & BENNIES: Consumer Reports’ Own “Best Buys”

After rating the newest products, employees at Consumer Reports rate an excellent deal on them.

—Philip Garrity

 Burn After Reading

“Self-destructing” email protects your corporate secrets.                       


A Fine Point, Indeed                                                                 

ROUNDUP: Executive-Help Books

We asked top managers to tell us what they've recently read that helped them be even better at their jobs.

—Philip Garrity and Scott Simone


We’re Doing What?

Out-of-the-box team building                                                                  

—Laurie Yarnell



The County’s Greenest Building

A local developer upgrades its headquarters to the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient maximum.                                                  

—John Bruno Turiano

A Picture of Success In Tarrytown

In a rough financial climate, how did an 1885 theater become an economic powerhouse?                                                                            

—Marisa LaScala

Fail Safe

How your small business can secure its precious gigabytes without spending a gigafortune

—Philip Garrity






A nonprofit leverages the experience of retired execs to help fledgling entrepreneurs.

—Scott Simone                                                                       

Coffee Break with…Ed Falkenberg

Chairman of the Board, Greyston Foundation

—Philip Garrity                                                                                                                   


Spotlighting our county’s homegrown offerings

—Lisa Fields                                                                                                                                 

The (Not So) Little Mall That Could

Westchester’s underdog mall in Westchester’s underdog city is ready to take big bites out of your wallet.


The Medium And the Message

How to develop your advertising campaign

—Deirdre Verne and Harry Horowitz                                                                




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