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dual-screen PC

Finally—for those who want the portability of an e-reader but the functionality of a full computer comes Toshiba’s libretto W100 ultra-mobile PC. Weighing in at just 1.5 pounds, the libretto is a full-fledged PC, with a clamshell design, dual 7” touch screens, built-in webcam, integrated Bluetooth, USB port, and memory-card reader, and runs on the Windows 7 platform. Its dual touch screens work horizontally and vertically—perfect for e-books, movies, music, and photos. $1,099;

time is money!

Dubbed the world’s first meeting-cost calculator and clock, Bring TIM! (short for Time Is Money!) calculates the actual per-minute and final total cost to your company for your seemingly endless meetings. Guaranteed to make meetings way shorter. $24.99;


Can’t cut a straight line? No worries. Adopting the same technology the military uses for precision bombing, these laser-guided scissors take the guesswork (and coordination) out of cutting. $14.99;

it's a lock

Taking the idea of a flash drive and flipping it around, rather than carrying your sensitive documents on a USB memory stick, the Gold Key USB device encrypts your files with 256-bit military-grade encryption, but leaves them on your computer: they cannot be accessed unless the Gold Key is inserted and the correct password is entered. For super-secret files, the Gold Key also supports biometric fingerprint authentication as a third access requirement. Companies can purchase multiple Gold Keys in quantity discounts to ensure company-wide security of their files. $97+ (price varies with model and quantity);


This handy device turns virtually anything in your office into a speaker for your iPod or MP3 player. Attach the Rock-It to a tissue box, desk lamp, file cabinet, window, or the desk accessory of your choice. $49.99;

printing whiteboard

No need to scribble down notes and copy that complicated flowchart that was presented at the last (seemingly endless—see above) department meeting. This wall-mountable electronic whiteboard by Panasonic prints out copies of everything exactly as it’s written by your meeting’s presenter on the whiteboard. Both black-and-white and color models are available. $1,195 (and up, depending on size and type of board);


For those who lack an office, this cubicle doorbell offers a polite and fun way for people to get your attention without resorting to throat-clearing and paper shuffling. Features 12 different rings and adjustable volume. $9.99;




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