New Rochelle

What you need to know about the town in which you spend the most waking hours of your life.

AM Pit Stops

Where to grab your coffee and carb of choice on your morning commute

Java Dreams Café
265 Huguenot St, (914) 355-2012
“This roomy, Wi-Fi hotspot outdoes the usual Starbucks/Cosi repertoire with fresh whizzed fruit juices,” says Westchester Magazine’s award-winning food writer and New Rochelle resident Julia Sexton. “So, if caffeine isn't going to cut it—after the day that you've had—you can try a wild blueberry, acai, and goji juice with extra shots of protein and ginger. Or, you can hit the ice cream and pastry counters—that often works, too."

Others you might consider
Donut World
8 Quaker Ridge Rd, (914) 636-2471
Twin Donuts
471 Main St, (914) 633-7227

Best One-Hour Lunch Spots

When fast food simply won’t do

Mirage Diner
690 North Ave, (914) 235-2568
"It's your basic diner stuff—all day breakfasts, burgers, grilled cheeses—with endless refills of coffee and maternal waitresses with eyeglasses on chains," Sexton says. "Iona crowds mob the Mirage at night—for 'disco fries' served with gravy—while, weekend mornings, the Mirage welcomes families straight from religious services and soccer games. But midweek, the Mirage is all business, serving just what you'd expect—timely and cheap, too."

Little Mexican Café
581 Main St, (914) 636-3926
“New Rochelle’s Mexican food scene is getting pretty heated, with scores of small restaurants serving faithful regional Mexican food to a knowing clientele,” Sexton says. “LMC, a patina-soaked restaurant/bar/pool hall, is a local favorite, slinging foodie-approved carnitas, al pastor and lengua—tongue—tacos in its cozy, slightly funky bar. Its tacos are cheap, too, And it has a handy pool table for working off boss stress.”

Red Lotus
227 Main St, (914) 576-0444;
“The usual quickie lunch options—burgers, salads, sandwiches, pizza, et al—tend to share a common characteristic: they’re bland,” Sexton says. “Red Lotus offers up some spice and tang, paired with speedy service and a seductively cheap lunch menu.”

Others you might consider:
Brickyard Bistro
16 Division St, (914) 481-5365
Dependable lunch spot. Outdoor space is a plus when the weather permits patio dining.

Cholos Kitchen
4 Lawton St, (914) 235-0094
Serving Northern Peruvian cuisine. Sidewalk dining in the summer.

Gallery Café
41 Lawton St, (914) 712-3100
Wraps and panini and free Wi-Fi.

Your Lunch Hour Best Bet to…

Fix a Flat/Get Your Car Checked

MK Discount Tire Center
20 E Main St, (914) 636-7776
MK stocks tires to fit nearly every make and model—and at prices usually cheaper than at big chains.

Hacker & Sons Automotive
64 Centre Ave, (914) 632-2610
These guys know their stuff and they’re honest. Imagine that!

Buy a card/gift

Alborada Florist
17 Huguenot St, (914) 235-5167
A family-owned florist shop

East End Cards Gifts & Etc.
241 Main St, (914) 632-0505
Great assortment of novelties and gifts; its selection of cards rivals that of any chain store.

Work out

Axon Fitness Club
236 North Ave, (914) 235-3300
The best part: the price—$29 a month with a one-year commitment; $39 month-to-month, including the 27 classes offered per week!

New York Sports Club
175 Huguenot St #2, (914) 636-2455
This mega-giant is everywhere and you can take your membership to any other NYSCgym. Membership rates: $30 to $90 a month, depending upon type of membership (not including sign-up costs).

Have your shoes repaired

Choi’s Shoe Repair
1309 North Ave, (914) 636-6417

Get your hair cut (men)

Silvera’s Hair Salon
47 Lawton St, (914) 576-4764
A great alternative to a barbershop; men can get stylish cuts for $14.

Get your hair cut (women)

G&H Salon
134 North Ave, (914) 235-0710
Cuts range from $45 to $75, depending on the stylist.

Knotz Hair Salon
241 E Main St, (914) 576-3931
$42 to $67 for women, depending on the stylist.

Get your nails done

Fashion Nail Salon
424 Pelham Rd, (914) 636-6000
“Everyone knows them," says Elsa Brenner, a New Rochelle resident and freelance writer. “Customers come from neighboring towns.”

Get your clothes dry cleaned or tailored

Sound Cleaners
63 Memorial Hwy (ground floor of Avalon on the Sound —255 Huguenot St)
(914) 740-5573
Drop your cashmeres and silks just before you get to work and pick ’em up on your way home; this cleaner is just one block from the Metro-North.

Value Cleaners of NY
1335 North Ave, (914) 235-3040
Value's tailor knows how to snip, sew, and trim.

PM Pit Stops

Where to grab dinner-to-go after work when the kitchen@home is closed

Mexican Corner Restaurant
497 Main St, (914) 813- 3312
“Mexican Corner is as bright and cheery as a pizza parlor—it’s inexpensive and approachable, and you’re bound to leave with an addiction to its burritos,” food writer Sexton says. “Plus, it offers speedy free delivery and well-packed take-out—it’s a great amenity for those of us in its catchment zone.”

30 Division St, (914) 235-8390
Says Sexton: “Pretty Coromandel draws a constant flow of heavy hitters from the Trump and Avalon Towers. Though this landmark New Rochelle restaurant earns rates high in Zagat for its dependable South Asian classics, it’s also got great take-out for biryani-by-the-tube night, of which we all have too many.”

Where to Play Hooky

Shhh! We won’t tell if you won’t tell.

In summer, hit the beach at Hudson Park or Glenn Island—and don’t forget to stop into Dudley’s (94 Hudson Park Rd, 914-235-4445) for beer, lobster, or a “Barge Burger.” In cool weather, take a horseback ride offered at Twin Lakes stables (914-961-2192)—the horses follow lakeside paths through pretty woodlands.

Where to Celebrate That Promotion

Don Coqui
115 Cedar St, (914) 637-3737
“Westchester has bars, Westchester has clubs, and Westchester has restaurants,” says Sexton, “but Don Coqui unites all three. It’s a great place for huge, homey, carb-rich Puerto Rican dinners followed by gallons of sangria and hours of dancing—it’s open on weekends ‘til four am. I mean, who doesn’t love classic disco after the third round? But, word to the wise, remember to save your 'Re-Run Robot' for another night. Come Monday morning, you’ll have to look those office mates in the eye.”

The City’s Best-Kept Secrets (Not Anymore!)
✔ New Rochelle’s Nature Study Park links up with Twin Lakes Park and others to make a string of contiguous woodlands that reach as far as Harrison. It’s perfect for mountain biking, horseback riding (the park has stables), or hiking.
✔ New Rochelle was once a seaside resort, and there are remnants of its history all around. Check out the Bavarian “beer garden” architectural folly at Glen Island Park, near the former Glen Island Casino where the Benny Goodman Orchestra made a landmark recorded performance. Standing there, one can see David’s Island, former site of Fort Slocum.

And by the Way

✔ Bud Cort of Robert Altman’s M*A*S*H and Harold and Maude was born here.

✔ Vincent Pastore (“Big Pussy” Bompinsierra of The Sopranos) operated bars/clubs here for years.

✔ Carl and Rob Reiner lived here, as did musician Don Mclean ("American Pie").

Vital Stats

The 411 on Where You’re Putting in 40+

Population: 74,323
Mayor: Noam Bramson
Average price of commercial space: “Office rents average in the low- to mid-twenties per square foot, downtown," reports Rob Seitz, commercial real estate agent. "For store space, it’s mid-twenties to thirties,”
Unemployment: 7.47% (compared to 8.1% for New York as a whole)
Largest Employer: Sound Shore Medical Center (1,390)
Average residential property tax: $15,000 (single family home)
Average commercial property tax: $35,000 (excluding co-ops and condos)


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