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7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Your Kitchen Again!

Kitchens have long been the center of the home, but they’re rapidly evolving in form and function and all for the better! Far from the kitchen you grew up with or even the one currently in your home, today’s kitchens not only better reflect our personalities, but they have completely transformed the way we cook and consume. No one is more attuned to the latest must-have kitchen trends than the appliance pros at Leiberts Royal Green. Here’s a peek at the latest jaw-dropping features as reimagined by Dacor—why the pros love them and you’ll love them, too.


1 Wine & Beverage Center

Design Pro Joan Biggs: “A beverage center in a kitchen today is a must-have. And you can’t get much cooler than Dacor’s Discovery Wine Station! By replacing oxygen with an argon gas, it preserves wine for up to 90 days, much longer than the standard two days. Waste no more fine wines! An added bonus: a parental control locked door keeps the adult beverages safely away from the kids.”

Why buy? Leiberts Royal Green Pro Alfred Esposito: “Beverage centers are very popular and offer a great way to keep the kids out of the refrigerator, or more realistically, out of your way reaching for those juice boxes and drinks.”

2 Duel-fuel smart ovens

Cooking has never been easier—there’s almost nothing a duel fuel smart oven can’t do! In addition to providing cooking Instructions, this smart oven will even text you when your food is ready. You’ll be free to lounge by the pool without worrying about dinner or dessert being ruined.

Why buy? Leiberts Royal Green Owner Stuart Royal: “I recommend a range with dual-fuel capabilities. The ability to use one single appliance to cook simultaneously with gas on your stove and electric in your oven with convection abilities is ideal. An electric oven with convection cooking cooks the food more evenly and 25 percent quicker than with a gas oven.”



3 Standard interchangeable griddles

Why buy? Leiberts Royal Green’s Sales Pro Jeff Mazin: “The interchangeable griddle offers both barbecue and griddle capability in one unit instead of two separate griddles.”

4 Flat dishwasher panels

Why buy? Leiberts Royal Greens Pro Rob Unger: “The dishwasher’s hidden controls give way to a very clean streamlined look and blend beautifully with a contemporary kitchen style.”

5 Appliances with pops of color

Why buy? Bilotta Kitchens Design Pro Jeff Eakly: “Some people who survived the avocado green and harvest-gold kitchens are now over the stainless steel kitchen. Some of my clients who are over the stainless look want to camouflage their appliances with panels that match their cabinetry, while others want to show them off with a pop of color. Many manufactures, like Dacor, are now offering ranges in a wide range of colors. In a white kitchen, the look is especially hot!”

6 Microwaves drawers

Why buy? Leiberts Royal Green Pro Frank Garnet: “Microwave drawers have become very popular because of their convenience as built-ins under the counter or into a kitchen island. They’re also not mass-produced, which makes them more reliable than the traditional microwave.”

7 Water dispensers inside the refrigerator

Why buy? Leiberts Royal Green Pro Bert Ng: “Water dispensers built into the inside of the refrigerator are becoming more and more popular. They take up less space and, with fewer moving parts to fail, are much more reliable than traditional water dispensers. Not to mention, they are atheistically much nicer.”


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