10 Westchester Towns Land in Bloomberg's Richest Places

We all knew Westchester was wealthy, but with these towns topping the list of America's 100 richest places, it's nice to be validated.


This Scarsdale Tudor is on the market for $1,998,999, with $37,320 in estimated taxes.

Throughout a lifetime of small-talk, the average Westchesterite can be found defending themselves from claims of their home county’s wealthiness with the retort, “Well, not everyone there is rich.”

They’re not wrong, but sometime we just have to face the fact that, well, Westchester is an extremely wealthy area; so much so that 10 out of the top 100 towns included in Bloomberg’s list of America’s 100 Richest Places are right here in our county.

Bloomberg ranked these towns, limited to U.S. places with a minimum population of 2,000, based on their average household income in 2015.

Skirting in at number 3, just under Atherton, California in San Mateo County, with an average household income of $444,374 in 2015, and Cherry Hills Village, Colorado in Arapahoe County with $403,532, is our very own Scarsdale, boasting an average income in 2015 of $371,194.

Check out which other Westchester locations made the list below.


• Bronxville at #8 with an average income of $317,063, up from their 2014 average household income of $308,935.
Greenville (Edgemont) at #17 with an average income of $278,501.
Rye at #29 with an average income of $257,949.
Larchmont at #30 with an average of $257,534, up from their 2014 average of $245,404.
Irvington at #54 with an average income of $232,353.
Briarcliff Manor at #65 with an average income of $220,241.
Pelham landed at #76 with a calculated average household income of $208,521.
Harrison, with an average household income of $198,972, sits at #89.
Rye Brook just made the list at #94 with a calculated household income of $196, 905 in 2015.

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